5 Marketing Trends to Catch On in 2016

5 Marketing Trends to Catch On in 2016

The world never stops to improvise and devise new technology for the good of mankind (whether or not it encourages laziness). This is the same for marketing and advertising, where new tools and mediums are invented to get a brand name or product out. So before your brand or product becomes a passé, here are some marketing trends that you should catch on in order to stay ahead of your pack, at least for 2016.

1. Social Media Continues Marketing A-Game

United Kingdom (UK)’s second largest chain of supermarkets, Sainsbury’s, filmed a series of unfortunate events set off by guest book character, Mog – the main character in a series of children’s books written by Judith Kerr.

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According to Social Media Today, 176 million people registered for a new social media account in 2014. Facebook itself has over 500,000 new users each day, with approximately six new profiles created every second. Instagram as well has just reached over 400 million users. A look at the numbers will explain the endless possibilities of outreach to a large audience, and this audience is not limited to the young as one will usually presume. According to FastCompany, Twitter’s fastest growing age group belongs to the 55-64 year olds.

Besides advertising on social media networks to get your audience acquainted with your products or post, social media network is also an excellent platform to bridge the gap between you and your customers. Queries can be responded to in a quicker manner and a brand identity can be built around these responses.

A study done by eMarketer shows that 88.2% of all companies are already using at least one social media platform for marketing purposes. So, why are you still trapped in the 12.8% of non-believer? Act now!

2. Print makes a comeback

For a couple of years, it seemed as though print media were on a downward spiral in terms of popularity and functionality, but it is definitely making a comeback.

The Columbia Journalism Review has found, in 2015, that readers still prefer the feeling of holding a physical copy of a magazine, as well as the unexpected surprise of when the next issue will arrive. While many see print being trampled on by digital, we see potential in them in the coming year as a worthy comeback kid to watch. Keep your readers in anticipation of brilliant works with every new issue.

3. Virtual Reality

Whilst a picture paints a thousand words, Virtual Reality (VR) paints a lot more by bringing this picture to life. VR used to be this seemingly expensive, cool, 3D experience that you’d only see on Facebook, even with the release of Google Glass priced at USD1,500.

This took a turn in 2015 when VR has become progressively more affordable; you can even get a VR headset off Amazon for around USD$100. Most mobile phone brands also mine this technology for better gaming and movie experiences. Just imagine the amount of immersive, multimedia reality advertisements that you can fit into the VR frames. You’ll send people touching the air in front of them.


4. Mobile > Desktop

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According to a study done by Global Web Index in January 2015, 80% of internet users own a smartphone. This number is expected to rise and even possibly overtaking desktop’s 91% internet ownership. ESPN has also revealed that 57% of cable viewers are switching to mobile for content viewing. With more people fixated on their mobile phones, companies are also diverting their marketing efforts on mobile marketing, leading to the mobile ad spending of US$19 billion dollars in 2014.

One good platform to get you started on mobile marketing, is advertising on instant messaging apps. According to Statista, 73% of smartphone internet users are using instant messaging and telecommunication apps. Give mobile advertising a go say on LINE or WeChat. LINE allows marketers to send advertisements via messaging, and to connect with users using promotions that can be redeemed in stores. WeChat on the other hand allows marketers to set their target audience according to location and notifies users of promotions when they are in the radius. Companies can also set up an online store within WeChat itself.


5. Live Video Streaming

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With the addition of Periscope, Facebook’s new live video feature, Google Hangout, and YouTube livestreams in the past 3 years, live video streaming has created the prime spot for advertisers to launch heartwarming and artistic videos for all ages. YouTube has even confirmed an upcoming paid subscription service to counter ad-blockers. This spells good news for advertisers, where advertisements are definitely getting some more attention.

While we’ve made some predictions of likely marketing trends for 2016, we are hanging on tight to our chairs and ready to be blown away by new and unsuspecting trends coming our way.


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