A CNY Tribute to the Oh-so Yummy BAK KWA (Agency Style)

A CNY Tribute to the Oh-so Yummy BAK KWA (Agency Style)

Chinese New Year (CNY) is only a few weeks away and everyone is gearing up the CNY marketing game already. CNY menus are being pushed out, novelty Yu-shengs (ever since the raw fish incident) are lining up to be tossed, and even CNY goodies dealers are having a price/taste competition to get more business. Most important of all, the delicious air-dried, charcoal-grilled squares of pork (Bak Kwa) goodness are snatching to be the best CNY table centerpiece! Just look at how Bee Cheng Hiang is seducing us with the boys from Ah Boys to Men tearing of tender, juicy Bak Kwa.

Bee Cheng Hiang: Enjoy & Share

And talking about seducing – occupational habit kicks in – we noticed that Bee Cheng Hiang is rather fond of using local artistes to star in their advertisements. For example, the video above showcases the casts from Ah Boys to Men, and you’ll soon see the charming looking Christopher Lee in the next video. The brand also employs the emotive approach in the ads where the main messaging, is to have you share Bak Kwas with your family or colleagues; sharing is caring.

Bee Cheng Hiang feat. Christopher Lee

Now we know what Christopher Lee orders when he visits Bee Cheng Hiang to get his Bak Kwa craving fixed; big hint for all his fans.

Besides Bee Cheng Hiang, an equally ad-fond Bak Kwa franchise, Fragrance, has also employed the celebrity endorsement route with former Mediacorp artiste, Sharon Au. But, surprise! They have recently decided to go with two new characters for their key visuals in an effort to bring love closer this CNY, with Valentine’s Day only a few days apart.


That’s a little too much ‘love’ to take! We are going to get heartburn!

Oddly with a lack of advertising or marketing efforts, there are other brands that are doing quite well. Like Lim Chee Guan, the one that always attracts a long queue of fans every year without fail when CNY approaches. There are no excessive or big ads to sell their products and yet they could be more popular than those with celebrity endorsements.

Other neighbourhood brands like Kim Joo Guan, Peng Guan, and Jin Pin Xiang are doing rather well as well with their own stream of frequent customers. It makes us ponder over the power of ‘word of mouth’ as a marketing tool – good news has finally travelled faster than dirty laundry. Unless, of course, a bad food review comes crashing down and your stream of customers starts flowing to a damn good food review. Give that food taster more Bak Kwas to keep him/her more occupied lah; it’s a good bribery marketing stunt.

bak gwa

Ultimately, we feel that be it advertisements, print ads, online food review, or by word of mouth, each of these marketing tools fulfilled their purpose of getting is to queue for those juicy pork jerky. As an agency, we’ll tell you that it’s best to build and capitalise on your brand assets, and consider venturing into the digital world to connect with your audiences. They are most probably searching for Bak Kwa reviews already, like we did! Want to know what and how to get started? Ask usand we’ll be happy to share insights with you!

Psst… By the way, where do you get your Bak Kwas? Share with us leh, we want to stock up for CNY.

The game is so on with such high odds. Some of us are already shedding at least 2 kilogrammes within a week! That is totally bad news for the rest of us. We will have to run on wheels like a hamster in order to overtake and collect the winnings. We can do it for the love of Smores!

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