Don’t Just Look At Numbers

Don’t Just Look At Numbers

Companies are getting so tech savvy, even a neighbourhood bakery has a website for products and promotions viewing. This ‘tech savviness’ is brought over to digital marketing as well, where companies have reached out to advertising on digital platforms, for example, Rich Media Ad Banners on sites like MSN, or Facebook Carousel Ads.

MSN Banners
MSN Ad Banners
Facebook Carousel Ads
Facebook Carousel Ads

And when it comes to measuring the KPIs and usefulness of digital marketing, admit it. More often than not, you are fixated on the report generated from data based on audience reach, number of clicks, cost per clicks, click-through rates and conversion rates. But what if we tell you, digital marketing shouldn’t be all about numbers? There are things that the numbers don’t tell you. Like…


Brand construction

You won’t be able to tell if the number of clicks created a positive branding image, even if it establishes a brand presence and increases your brand exposure. One of the reasons why you embarked on doing marketing in the first place, is for your consumers to hear about your brand, to recognise your brand and be able to identify or associate it to certain products. So, slow down a bit when you’re measuring KPIs to ensure that a brand identity is built, while managing digital marketing campaign. When your brand is known, you’ll get your stream of sales.


Before you start panicking, and doubt the usefulness of digital marketing when you realise that the click-through rates and actual sales don’t tally, understand this. Your website is like a shop front. You will attract people to visit your store (with discounts or fancy displays), but if they don’t find something they want to purchase, they’ll still leave the store empty-handed, i.e. they window shop. Just take a breather, and let consumers see what they want to, and they might just keep in mind what you have, and come back the next time. It’s still a prospective business that you can look at.


man holding 3 star rating

Talking about using discounts and fancy displays (or design in the case of digital marketing), take note that this plays a major factor to why your click-through rate, don’t translate to sales. We can design the most visually enticing digital marketing banner to get users clicking, and you can verify that by looking at the number of clicks. But when the sales don’t reflect that, it might be your site design that is affecting your sales volume. So, other than looking at plain numbers, test the useability of your website. Will you shop at your own site? Is it easy to browse, can you locate things easily?

So the next time you start a digital marketing campaign, assess more than just the numbers. They might not tell you everything. And if you need help with digital marketing campaigns, or creating a website that enhances user experience, drop us an email here and we’ll be able to work something out, taking care of things more than numbers.

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