Life as an Intern @ BBMG

Life as an Intern @ BBMG

I am the intern at BlackBlue Media Group (BBMG)! It’s been months since I first joined the family, and today marks the end of my internship journey with which, this shall be my bidding piece and parting gift. My internship role focused mainly on social media content management, but of course, it entails much more than simply posting content. Here’s a little something about my experience here at BBMG!

I’m not going to lie, but the thought of going off to internship really scared me.

So to help some of you love birds out there that are looking for inspirations before the big day, we’ve gathered some ads with great ideas to get the V-day planning started.

Bear chasing a man

I was quite afraid to step out into the real world and take on real responsibilities. Furthermore, there is always time to procrastinate in school, and as long as you don’t commit crimes, it’s unlikely you’ll face any sort of termination. You’ll always feel sheltered and protected.

Internship, however, felt like a whole other thing, mostly because it was. For the first time ever, you’re stepping out into the working world. You’re finally putting everything you’ve learnt in the past three years to use, and you have to take charge of your actions for once.

Over the years we’ve definitely heard stories of interns getting ill-treated or hit with staplers, and I honestly didn’t know what to expect! Even though I knew the possibility of these situations happening was marginal, I still got anxious from thinking about how I should introduce myself, what I should wear to the office, what if I fell down while walking to the toilet on my first day, etc. Thankfully, everyone here was extremely nice and I found myself fitting in in no time at all. Although, if there’s anything to complain at all, it’s just one thing.

See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil

The food from the pantry right behind me! They haunt me every moment, calling out to me to consume them, and every evening without fail, I’ll give in to the seducing calls.

See that? In fact, I’ve eaten over 10 pineapple tarts in the span of typing this blog. I swear I’m the victim here, just look at it mocking me from over my shoulder…

Moving on, throughout my time here, I’ve learnt a lot about many things. I got to see how things worked in an advertising/media firm. Since I started my education in communications, social media has always been the field that intrigued me. It was amazing to me how quickly social media sites could rise and fall. I had already been spending most of my time on social media so I figured I might as well make some sort of profession out of it.

Being here at BBMG was an eye-opener in the sense that I got to see how an actual agency ran. I got to deal with actual clients and work with them. To say that I had a fulfilling experience would be an understatement, as I took away a lot from my stay here. I gained a stronger sense of responsibility and accountability, and gained a lot of insight for consideration regarding my future career path. I was even exposed to the public relations and event fields as well, thanks to BBMG’s sister companies. The experience also got me feeling even more grateful for my parents’ hard work over the years.

But honestly, though it might partially be due to my inexperience and ignorance, I don’t know how we do it. Judging from the amount of work we churn out on a daily basis, I would expect a team, at least a few times larger than the one we currently have. So I guess you can say our efficiency is definitely one of our strong suits.

I would say that I came at a good time as I got to be part of BBMG’s celebrations for Christmas and Chinese New Year.

X’mas dinner @ MONOCHROME
Lo Hei luncheon @ No Signboard

These social gatherings outside of work truly felt inclusive. I felt a sense of belonging and pride to be a part of this family; a fun-loving and outgoing bunch that was a joy to be around.

No doubt, BBMG has taught me a lot, though there is still much that I don’t know. One thing I do know, however, is that BBMG is filled with a team of dedicated staff, ready to tackle any problems you throw at them. My time here has come to an end and I will look back at this time as an absolutely enriching experience that I will never forget.


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