Life In An Advertising & Marketing Agency: Part 2

Life In An Advertising & Marketing Agency: Part 2

The time has finally arrived. After two months of cutthroat food temptations, secret training, and consuming special diets, it’s time for the big reveal to the winner of our Lose to Win Challenge 2016!


First of all, we would like to say this to all the contestants of this year’s challenge – thank you for sacrificing on the delicious pan seared, buttery steaks, just so that we can have larger sharing portions of all the goodies. We are just kidding, haha! We are extremely proud of everyone for training so hard to shed pounds, and also to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle for so long.

Thank you with a kiss

Without further ado, we shall announce the biggest loser of this year’s Lose to Win Challenge 2016. And the winner is…

It was a tough fight between Jonathan and Alexis, with both at 6% and 8% during the mid weigh-in. Will Alexis take the lead once again for the final weigh-in? Drumroll please And the winner is, Jon! Weighing at 103.7kg before and at 89kg now, Jon has lost a total of 14.175% to be the biggest loser (or winner) of this year’s diet challenge!

Jon's before picture
Jon's Before Diet Pic
Jon's After Picture
Jon's After Diet Pic

You can really tell the difference from the before and after photos – the slimmer face and body frame.

To reward our readers, you, for staying tuned to our Lose to Win Challenge, we got our two biggest losers to share their diet and physical training! So, here’s what the biggest losers did for the past two months.

Jon’s Successful Diet and Exercise Regime:

Recommended Lunch / Dinner diet (skipped breakfast because he’s not a breakfast person):

  • Chicken breast and broccoli;
  • Salad – consisting of spinach, tuna, cherry tomatoes, 1x hard-boiled egg; or
    Salmon and broccoli; or
    cauliflower and eggs.

Jon’s advice: If you want to lose weight, you have to suffer first before you enjoy the benefits. No pain, no glory. Lol.

Recommended Exercise (EVERYDAY):

Morning: 2.4-4km jog
Night: skipping x 500-1000 times / HIIT jog 1.5km-3km (warm up) + sprint / walk 1.5km.

Alexis’s Successful Diet and Exercise Regime:

 Recommended Diet:

  • Fish and low-carbohydrate food.
  • Abstain from fried food and sweet drinks, no eating after 8 pm.

Recommended Exercise:

  • Jog 2-3 times a week, 2.5-5km each time
  • Intervals that consist of 20 seconds sprint and 40 seconds brisk walk, repeat for about 30-55mins.

Finally, let’s watch Jon as he enjoys his loot before we end this year’s diet challenge and await the next (we didn’t lie about the money jar).

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