Life In An Advertising & Media Agency: Part 1

Life In An Advertising & Media Agency: Part 1

Don’t you just love the look of the snow marshmallow taking a warm soak on the chocolate, with that adorable smile and just saying, “I’m ready, world!”
If you love that, then you’ll love us too! We love to soak into puddles of chocolate and make chocolate angels when we are taking a break from the non-stop ‘brain juicing’ to create the next big thing. Well, more like sinking our teeth into creamy, chocolatey, soft Smores.

smores in a cast-iron skillet
Note: No snow marshmallows were harmed during the making of the sandwich.

We love our breaks, and here’s why we can’t live without it.


There are lots of things going on in BBMG. Every minute is a fight against time to juggle between the intensity of ideas bouncing around and the work-in-progress to get the final art piece. We’ll need to get our batteries charging somehow. That is why we can’t live without good ol’ Smores during tea, and games to keep us going. We even have a chart of things to do to keep our minds energised!

And here’s our first order of fun to kick start 2016.

Diet or Die Lose

diet or lose
Money, money, money, must be funny, lying in a jar.

With thanks to our Rockstar creative director, we have officially begun our yearly diet challenge – Diet or Lose – just last week. That also means, no more Smores for at least 2 months. Boo!!! Fine, but only because there’ll be lots of Smores to go around once someone wins the winning pot, possibly a few months’ supply! The game is on here at BBMG.

The game is so on with such high odds. Some of us are already shedding at least 2 kilogrammes within a week! That is totally bad news for the rest of us. We will have to run on wheels like a hamster in order to overtake and collect the winnings. We can do it for the love of Smores!

cartoon man running in a hamster wheel

If you want to know how we are doing, or what we are doing to be the ‘big loser’, stay tuned for more updates on at our website or social media networks! We welcome comments too, if you would like to share some health tips. Toast to fun and Smores!

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