The Best Way to Celebrate Love

The Best Way to Celebrate Love

Chinese New Year is coming, but so is Valentine’s Day! Have you plan your V-day yet? You better if you’ve not, because someone – your lover, your family or even yourself (if you are affectionately attached to yourself) – will be expecting something! We have some backup plans for you if you don’t have anything yet, just in case your plan backfires to end your Valentine’s Day celebration prematurely, like in the case of…

Valentine’s Day Fail

So to help some of you love birds out there that are looking for inspirations before the big day, we’ve gathered some ads with great ideas to get the V-day planning started.

Love from Land Rover

How about a Land Rover? If these guys liked theirs, yours would too!

Okay, maybe not a Land Rover, or a car, but it could be something that your significant half has always loved, perhaps a watch. It will only take a little tinkering to surprise him, big time.

Here’s something special for those seeking intimacy.

Expedia – Get a Room

Get a room already! Plan a staycation or vacation with Expedia and surprise your lover with an air ticket or keys to a bed of roses. It’s always nice to get away from the city once in a while. You can even plan a surprise and a memorable proposal; just imagine instagrammable moments with the best scenery.

But if you’re tight on budget, maybe a proposal like this will do the trick. It’s sweet and it shows your sincerity with time and effort.


Remember the Valentine’s Day surprise fail with the ring box? Yeah, this is a much better surprise for your girl. Use a bracelet box instead, seriously. That was such a lie! Although, we are not so sure if a PLASTIC SPOON will do the trick, maybe a real bracelet to go with the red velvet?

DQ Red Velvet

For those who are going on a rough patch, this could reignite the passion you have for each other. Don’t let anything take a good relationship apart. Have a great Valentine’s Day!

Cupid Dog

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