Top 10 Christmas Ads of 2015

Top 10 Christmas Ads of 2015

We are already a few days into 2016, but 2015 still feels like a near distant affair, especially with Christmas jingles embedded in our heads. This could very well be what we call the “Post Holiday Blues”. Although we can’t wind back time to Christmas 2015, we can however, reminisce on some of our favourite Christmas advertisements with unforgettable festive storylines to keep the holiday spirits alive; it makes work much easier and fun.

Take for example, a mischievous house cat that wreaked havoc in its home on Christmas Day.

Christmas is Sharing, feat. Mog

United Kingdom (UK)’s second largest chain of supermarkets, Sainsbury’s, filmed a series of unfortunate events set off by guest book character, Mog – the main character in a series of children’s books written by Judith Kerr.

Thanks to Mog for almost bringing the whole house down, we reminded ourselves that Christmas is really all about sharing, especially when your neighbour’s Christmas turkey is burnt.

One of our worries during the holidays, is the fear of not getting our holiday messages across to our friends and families when the network jams, but with John Lewis, nothing is impossible.

Bringing People Together, Even If You Are On The Moon

After finding love for Monty the Penguin in 2014, UK’s chain of upmarket department stores, John Lewis, brought a young earthling and a man on the moon together for 2015’s Christmas.

You know your mobile network is really strong when you can connect with someone on the moon, from earth.

The Art of Christmas by M&S

We might have seen some ‘business rearrangements’ by Marks & Spencer (M&S) in Singapore over the past year, but this ad really changed our perspective of shopping at M&S.

Discover More with Boots

Despite being a pharmacy chain in the UK, Boots really got us in their bag this year round. We have to admit that we were largely attracted by Jessie J to watch the ad, but we think Boots did an excellent job showcasing a different side to shopping. It was as though we stepped into Santa’s Factory or a gift emporium!

Christmas Within Hearts

While most of us forget the true meaning of Christmas (it’s really not about receiving), German online store, Otto, gave us an awakening call with a touching video.


No one should wait that long for a bicycle.

Singing Jingle Bells In The Shower With The Body Shop

We are not insinuating that you stink, but it’s always a plus to be extra fragrant, with The Body Shop.

When Porters Meet

With the header, “Find Your Perfect Gift | All For You”, we sort of expected a product showcase, but instead, we were treated to both NET-A-PORTER and MR PORTER’s behind-the-scenes of careful and detailed process to gifts delivery. This is definitely a wallet pleaser.

Spoiler: This is not a movie trailer, although the whole ad really seemed like one that usually stars famous actor, Adam Sandler.

A Gift You Won’t Regret

Offering a different Christmas gift for 2015, French premium cable television channel, Canal+, warns viewers not to get a gift that you’ll regret giving others, like a pig that will grow to chew your furniture.

Escape Can Sometimes Be The Best Solution

We have all ran away from plated vegetables at some point in time of our lives, but we never knew the entrance to the secret fairyland lies in escaping Brussels sprouts. Now that Sky Movies, premium subscription television provider, has pointed that trick, parents beware.

Saving the best for last, we’ve decided that advertising is at its best when language proves to be no barrier to understanding the true spirit of giving.

Share Your Winnings

Starring a man that looks very much like the old man in the movie, Up, Justino, a mannequin factory security guard, decided to share his work experiences with his colleagues on day shift with the use of mannequins. Humoured and touched by Justino, his colleagues surprised him with a share in the lottery ticket that they’ve bought, along with the winnings.


And here’s a bonus for those who require the force to get by 2016.

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