World Cancer Day 2016

World Cancer Day 2016

Each year on 4 February, we salute cancer survivors and show our support for those who are still battling with the life-intrusive disease. It’s a long battle against something that pops out of nowhere, usually showing no signs for caution. And whilst we are not doctors or researchers to cure the disease, we can heal their hearts to keep them going. What we can do as advertising agencies is to use ads to move people to join the cause and give cancer patients, hope and courage!

Be Brave

So to help some of you love birds out there that are looking for inspirations before the big day, we’ve gathered some ads with great ideas to get the V-day planning started.

Breast Cancer Awareness by Mercedes Benz
By Mercedes Benz
By Volkswagen

Your Man Reminder to Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness by Coca Cola
By Coca Cola
Cervical Cancer Awareness by Julyna
By Julyna

Purple Your Profile

If you are still not moved, this video will get you rooting for cancer patients.

Family is Your Strongest Support

Finally, a shout out to all those battling cancer, you are not alone. We’ve got your back to beat cancer, so FIGHT ON!

Cancer, We’re Coming for You

For those who are going on a rough patch, this could reignite the passion you have for each other. Don’t let anything take a good relationship apart. Have a great Valentine’s Day!

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